Inks, Paints & Coatings

The IGT SimplyMix mixer is an economical laboratory-sized instrument for the rapid mixing of small amounts of different materials that would otherwise require large amounts of time and/or effort to mix.

Mixing with the Speed mixer is based on the dual rotation of the mixing cup. The motor rotates the base plate of the mixing unit at up to 1,600 rpm clockwise while the basket is spun at up to approx. 800 rpm counter clockwise.

This combination of forces in different planes creates a high speed outward material flow, resulting in laminar shear within the material, giving a pure mixing action in all parts of the sample.

The Laray viscometer determines the viscosity and yield value of a wide range of viscous materials.

RM 100 TOUCH viscometer uses advanced springless technology combined with state of the art electronics to bring you the very latest and best in viscosity measurement. Ideal for heavy usage due robust springless head, quick-couple bayonet fitting spindles and support stand which does not require levelling.

Shear-rate imposed Rheometer, with a wide range of variable speeds from 0.3 to 1500 rpm. Carry out your flow curves directly on your RM 200 TOUCH rheometer, without needing to be connected to a computer, for precise quality control that is both simple and effective.