Reliable determination of relative humidity is a basic necessity in many industrial
situations. With the IGT hygronic® humidity measuring system, relative humidity of
hygroscopic materials or gases can be determined easily, quickly and accurately.
Relative humidity is generally accepted in the paper and printing and other industries as preferable to moisture content since it is more predictably related to the working characteristic of the materials.

Easy to clean, Simple to operate.

Conventional models manually operated testers.

High repeatability and reproducibility, Simple to operate, Extensive range of accessories, Large range of possible tests, Consistent results, The original ISO 3783 compliant pick tester.

IGT Testing Systems has for many decades been supplying the well-known AIC2-5 printability tester for making numerous tests on different substrates and inks in quality control and research.
The Amsterdam series of testers is a range of flexible, multi-purpose testers with 1, 2 up to a maximun of 6 printing shalfs.
Through the use of the latest technological features in motor control, it is possible to reach very short times between successive prints, dampening and print, print and counter print or set-off prints. This opens the door to a large range of new test methods. 

This cost effective tester is designed for pick testing according to the IGT method (ISO 3783, TAPPI 514 and 575, SCAN P 63-90), Linting and Toner Adhesion (accelerated method)