Ultra-fast inking unit for the intensive user. IGT Testing Systems presents the highly sophisticated inking unit for offset inks, the IGT High Speed Inking Unit 4 with temperature control and fast, programmable ink distribution methods.


The IGT AE Four is the modern successor of the renowned IGT AE inking unit.

The AE Inking Unit was developed for users looking for an uncomplicated way to conduct inking under controlled conditions.

The Hercules Hi-Shear Viscometer system measures the viscosity and other flow properties of dispersions and coatings that are subjected to varying degrees of shear. Each viscometer draws the classic "Hercules Rheogram" and reports data. 

The "Hercules Rheogram" has been used for over 50 years as a reliable way to predict flow characteristics in pigment slurries and coating colors. 

The Hercules Model DV-10 is equally suited to generate precise, reproducible results demanded by R&D standards and is durable to withstand the harsh treatment of a process control laboratory. 

The digital model 250's cell pressure is set using a pressure reference knob and a LCD display. This model utilizes a servo pressure control system, which is comprised of two valves, a pressure sensor and electronic control circuitry. Pressure in the measuring cell is continuously monitored and, if necessary, adjusted to maintain precise control to within ±1% of full scale.