AP 500-M3 moisture meter is a digital one-hand-held measuring device for the quick and mobile moisture determination without sample-taking for the detection of moisture accumulation in stacks, waste paper bales and loose depots of waste paper. The moisture meter determines the absolute humidity in waste paper by simple pressing. This moisture content allows a water-precise billing of a waste paper delivery. At the same time a complaint of too wet bales prevents not only costs but also unpleasant consequences such as rot or heat.

Thickness gauge to determine the thickness of foil and all kinds of thin materials.

Absorbency Testing Device SFT 03t

The absorbency-testing device is used for determining the absorption of liquid mediums, such as water, aqueous solutions, oils, varnishes and others, by paper, cardboard and corrugated cardboard from the top and bottom sides within a predetermined time.


Cobb Tester Penetration is designed to determine the absorption of liquid media, such as water, aqueous solutions, oils, varnishes etc. by paper, solid board and corrugated cardboard from top to bottom surface at a given time.

Weidmann Standard Paper Testing Waxes are designed for use by paper and coated paper manufacturers, printers, lithographers, and others concerned with the development, inspection and control of paper for printing purposes.